Hello folks,

today I want to tell you how its works to create and integrate the asp.net application Services Database to your own Database.

First of all you need the following things:

  • MS SQL Database (e.g Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2)
  • .NET Framework (e.g. Microsoft .NET Framework 4)
  • A existing Database (Only if you want to integrate)

If you have installed these two things you can go to the following folder:


Search this folder for the “aspnet_regsql.exe” file and run it. After a cmd window, a Dialog will be opened. There you can choose if you want to configurate or delete the ASP.NET Database. Choose configurate.

At the next step you have to set the connection infos for your Database Server. Now it gets exciting, if you want to create a complete new Database, set the Database to <standard>. If you want to integrate into an existing database you have to type in the Database name.

Thats all. Wasnt so hard or? :) The last steps are clicking next.

The ASP.NET Application Service includes the following tables:

  • Applications
  • Path
  • Membership
  • PersonalizationAllUsers
  • PersonalizationPerUser
  • Profile
  • Roles
  • ShemaVersion
  • Users
  • WebEvent_Events

You can use this Database to create a login system for your Silverlight application. How that works i will show you maybe later in another post :)