today i got a really annoying failure in my PIC Project. I just want to debug the project as every time, but something is went wrong!

In the Debugger Console the error „No source code lines were found at current PC 0x0“ was shown. The Problem was that the programm stopped immediately after starting the debugger. It stops much faster as normally and the target device was not programmed.

I’ve restored an old version of the project from the SVN but nothing helped. But after some hairs less on my head i’ve found the problem. It was the PIC Memory View (SFRs). After closing the SFR View i could debug as before 🙂

If you use the SFR View then you have to close it every time before starting the debugger again.

Try to close the view of the SFR before debugging the project again.

If this helps you it would be nice if you leave a comment below 🙂